Candidate Verification

Are you an educational institution wishing to perform complete verifications or random checks of your incoming students?

Re Vera has the experience to help you complete your verifications without the stress of adding another task to your already busy staff.

Since we can customize your verification package, your school can choose to look into as few or as many aspects of your applicants packages as you wish. Why not rest assured that your incoming students are really who they say they are? After all, these students will soon be your alumni.

Our Packages

In addition to the packages below, you can email or call us to customize any package you want

Features Package1 Package2 Package3 Custom
Employment History ?
Recomendation Letter ?
Degree/School History ?
Test Scores ?
Extracurricular Activities ?

To design a package that will fit your needs click the button below to email us

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Our MBA Admissions Office contracted with Re Vera to help us confirm the validity of accepted student applications. They were first class. Re Vera was able to operate independently but were always responsive to specific requests or concerns. They were tenacious and detail oriented in accessing professional and academic information for both domestic and international admitted students, and were knowledgeable over a wide range of industry contexts.

- Jon McLaughlin -- MBA Admissions Officers & Verification Manager,
Boston-Area University